Intel Boutique

Intel Boutique provides unique services to small and micro business owners administrative and research support.  Not all businesses have the resources to hire full-time staff to assist in the day-to-day operations, development and growth.  Intel Boutique helps fills in that gap.

The 21st century has placed many of our consumer needs and business functions at the touch of a keystroke.  Marketing  is performed via social media.  Product reviews are blogged.  Commerce is transacted through PayPal.  Customers are instant messaged or emailed.  Videos are streamed, the news is tweeted and music is downloaded from the comfort of our homes or in the palm of our hands.  No small business can afford to get lost in the clutter of the cutting edge.

“Everything can be improved” – C.W. Barron

To learn more about what Intel Boutique offers, visit:


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