The Coffee Shop Office

I can’t begin to tell you how many meetings I’ve had at Starbucks and a few at McDonald’s.  With my Toshiba Laptop, a standard legal pad, and half a dozen pens, I conducted more meetings than I can count in the comfort of teabags, mocha lattes and caramel drizzle.  Not that I have a problem with that, but the clients I meet with happen to like these various locations.  Is it the free Wi-Fi?  The library style tables and chairs?  The networking environment that can bud a business relationship?

What is it about these coffee shop offices that have birthed an in-house social community?

Whatever you’re working with as a small business owner or a newbie to the stage, don’t be ashamed of having a double shot of espresso with your company branding strategies.  Just mind your computer and try not to spill.  Many enjoy the atmosphere that coffee shops have to offer, especially for someone trying to get work done (and free Wi-Fi never hurts).  It may not be quiet like a library, but you can’t beat the social ambience.

However, if you feel you need more of a professional feel to meeting prospect clients and customers, look into a virtual office.  I promise, they’re real and tangible, but they are spaces you can rent with a membership to give your company a more professional feel.  They provide everything from office mailboxes so your business has a legitimate address, to conference rooms you can use to hold meetings and interviews.

Whether you choose the company of others to conduct business or the professional image of your own office, if only temporarily, work it out.  Nothing screams success more than someone using what can the best they can.  It’ll all pay off.


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