Small Business Grant for Women

Small Business grants are often considered urban legends or folk stories from long ago, especially if you’ve ever tried to hunt for them. And when you do, it seems as if you always come across small business credit cards or small business loans, but never the grants you start out looking for. But despite our skepticism at times, small business grants do exists. You just have to keep your ears to the ground and your eyes peeled.

This small business grant is offered by Amber Grant. It’s for women small business owners that helps provide funding to assist in taking care of business expenses. To learn more about the Amber Grant, you can visit:

But be warned, the deadline to apply for this grant is at the end of the month, February 29th.   It’s a little short notice, but the application process is not monstrous, so you don’t have to worry about finding the time to complete it.  There’s also a reasonable $7.00 processing fee.

How often will you get the opportunity … scratch that… how often will you have the chance to be awarded free money to help you and your business?!

Don’t wait.  Best Success.


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