Take Interest and Provide Value


It’s the 21st century, folks, and if you’re not on the social media band wagon, you’re going to be left behind… if you haven’t been already.  Social Media Marketing and marketers are just about everywhere and talking just about everything.  “How to grow your business”, “How to increase followers and likes to your company’s page”, “how to turn fans of your products and services into loyal customers”.  You name it, it’s out there.  But this isn’t a dismissal of social media marketing and social media marketers.  If you haven’t grasped it now, social media has and continues to redefine how companies, especially small businesses, advertise, promote and brand our company image.  And if we’re not careful how we use social media, then it could be our company that suffers.

First and foremost, there are numerous places you can go (including here at Intel Boutique, right?) to get further information and insight on social media and how to create a campaign to drive home exposure and potential customers.  And if you haven’t already, you need to start investing time into free webinars that provide some basic foundation regarding how to effectively use social media for your company.   But that’s another point for another day.

Here, is where we need to discuss the importance of not just asking for likes, asking for followers and then later, asking for business.  Everyone else is already doing that.  “Follow me”, “Like my page”, “Comment if you like”.  Trust me, people get enough of that already.  And when the average person is asked to like another something-or-other for the sake of liking it, it becomes annoying to them.  It’s like watching TV without any actual shows or movies, just the commercials.  After awhile, that gets real old, real quick.  But like any normal business or company, you still want to attract fans and followers.  So, how do you do that without turning them off?

Provide value and Take interest.  A simple 2 steps.  Provide value.  You’ll find this to be a common theme with starting a social media campaign.  What does it mean?  Give your potential clients/customers or fans/ followers something or value that doesn’t cost them anything.  It could be a webinar or a  DIY video with step-by-step instructions so they can follow along.  Whatever it is, make sure the customer receives some sort of value from it and that you’re not trying to oversell your company in the process.    For instances, if you’re a lawyer who has their own practice and you want to attract more followers to convert to customers, you could post the top ten events when people need a lawyer and when they don’t, or advice as to what to provide in a legal document if they’re rendering one themselves.

Take interest.  Before asking someone to click your like button or follow your company, follow theirs.  It’s pretty simple and straight forward, but oftentimes neglected.  People are more likely to return the favor than give one out.  In this case, you’re going to have to take the initiative.  Can your business like or follow anything or anyone?  Yes, anyone or entity you feel best compliments your organization go ahead and follow.  And don’t like or follow, comment.  Show off your expertise.  If you’re a fashion designer, you might want to follow someone who is a make-up artists or a fashion writer.  If you bake pastries, you might want to like a company’s page whose primary business is making sandwiches or gourmet beverages.  Also, when your company likes another page or an even just an individual’s, those people who are already liking and following those pages your company likes and follows, are more likely to click over and see what your company is about and might even give you a “like”.

So, by all means, create the best social media campaign you can to give your business that exposure.  But don’t forget to take interest and provide value.



2 thoughts on “Take Interest and Provide Value

  1. denisegabbard says:

    Love how WP connects us all! Nice to virtually meet now. Denise from WriteandGetPaid.

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