Do You Have An Entrepreneurial Mindset?

Just because you want to go into business for yourself or think you have an incredible product or service to offer, doesn’t guarantee that you will  flourish.  This isn’t to discouraged those straddling the fence, but rather offer you the opportunity to do a little personal inventory of what’s going on in your head.  As entrepreneurs, we all want to be successful in our endeavours, especially the first go-around, but aren’t always receptive on the mental state it takes to obtain success.   There isn’t a special formula for success, but there are few common qualities entrepreneurs do share.

  1. Stand Out– Do you find ways to be noticed or make yourself noticeable or are you a wallflower?  Keep in mind, small business owners need something to separate them from the rest of the pack.
  2. Possess a Positive Attitude – Optimism is key.  ALWAYS.  When you’re down and things aren’t working out the way you need them to, who’s going to keep you going?  YOU!!!  Well, hopefully, you.  If you’re not in your corner, no one else is going to be.
  3. Accept Failure – Whoa, did a few jaws drop?  Yes, fail.  Because, the next time you’ll know better; what not to do, what to avoid.  Every entrepreneur wants success but they know they if failing leads to being successful, then that’s just a path they’ll have to take to get there.  The rewards are so much greater than the set backs.
  4. Avid Learner – Whether you learn from your mistakes, the mistakes of others (or successful examples), you continue to learn and keep your mind open to learning.  It is necessary to keep a student like mentally.  Even supposed experts read up on new material.  If the experts keep themselves abreast of what’s new and going on, why would an entrepreneur be any different?

Think of the Mark Cubans, the Richard Bransons, the Tyler Perrys, Oprah Winfreys, Donald Trumps, Russell Simmons, Vera Wangs, Ted Turners and Steven Spielbergs of our day.  The only difference between them you (forget the millions of dollars for second) is they never stopped trying or believing.



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