Free Client Attraction Webinar

As always, when things come along, best efforts are made to share it here.  Call it that old School House Rock adage: Knowledge is Power!  However, knowledge is only powerful when acted upon and shared.

For all those interested, the information about the webinar is provided below.   You may find yourselves having to register on (which is also free) or not,depending on the prompt.  But either way, free information for your business is useful and most of us aren’t in a position to turn down free just yet.  Be forewarned, this webinar is scheduled for this Wednesday (short notice again) and times vary depending on your coast/ region. For local Los Angeles/ California residents, the webinar is schedule for 4:00pm PST.

“Join me this Wednesday, March 28, at 7pm ET, for a 
free 90-minute one-time-only webinar with my friend, 
the Millionaire Marketing Mentor®, Adam Urbanski.
In a hurry? Get details and register now at 

Here is what you will discover…  

  • How to take your practice, business, or sales 
    career from zero to all the new clients you want 
    in six to 12 months – starting from scratch and 
    on a shoestring budget. 
  • The very first step each of your marketing strategies 
    has to start with. This allows you to “read your 
    ideal clients’ minds” and offer them exactly what 
    they want to buy! 
  • A simple tweak that transforms you from a “prospect 
    chaser” to a “client magnet”! (It really is so simple 
    you’ll go “DUH!”) 
  • A complete system Adam’s clients use to consistently 
    generate a flood of new leads and huge spikes in 
    sales and profits (you will see case studies of 
  • sales ramped up from zero to six figures in as 
    little as six weeks!)
  • Top 5 amazingly simple yet highly effective ‘marketing
    tweaks’ that cost little or nothing to implement and 
    will skyrocket your client base and your referrals by 
    5, 10, even 20 times – in no time flat! 

This program is free, but you must register now because…

One, we have a limited number of lines available for 
this webinar. Adam told me it’s 1,000 “seats” 
– and they will be grabbed fast. 

So you must grab your access info right away, and 
make sure to get on the webinar a few minutes early 
to lock-in your spot. 

Two, put this program on your schedule right now. There 
will be no recording, no second chances to view this 
training. And believe me, you don’t want to miss it! 

I hope to “see” you on the webinar… 


P.S. Remember, Adam normally charges for this kind of 
training. He’s making this webinar free to participate 
for you as my subscriber, but we have only a limited 
number of spots so you must act fast to lock-in your 
webinar-seat before we take down the registration page. 

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