SCORE Yourself a Mentor

Since we’re talking about the advantages of having a mentor as an entrepreneur, have you scored yourself a mentor yet?   Okay, perhaps that was not the best play on words, here, however business mentors are available to any and every entrepreneur that seeks one at SCORE.  If you’re an aspiring small business owner, this is a name you’ll probably want to keep in your back pocket and use a resource sooner rather than later.  If you’re curious as to why, here’s a quick synopsis of who they are and what they do:

  • They are a non-profit association that provides entrepreneurs education resources and tools to start and operate their businesses.
  • Since they were founded, SCORE has helped millions of entrepreneurs actualized their small business dreams.
  • They provide advice on business and operation topics such as starting up, financing, growing, marketing and technology.
  • Thousands of SCORE counselors are volunteers who are either active or retired business owners themselves.
  • They hosts many local workshops around the country in a city near you.
  • They also provide free one-on-one assistance and counseling.

Let’s state that again, in case you missed  the “FREE” part.  You call up a local SCORE office (at 1.866.544.6804) or meet with a counselor (if you happen to know one) and set up a meeting.  You’ll meet with a counselor at the SCORE office for about an hour to talk about your business plans, goals and you can bounce ideas off them and ask them any questions pertaining to your business, whether’s established or not.  No gimmicks… you have questions or concerns, they have an answers and advice.  Think of it like this, it’s an hour of your day you can spend talking to someone who has more knowledge and experience than you who wants to help you and see you succeed.  But is everything you hope to gain offered in that one hour?  Nope!  Come back to them as often as you’d like or feel you need to; sign up for a workshop.  Now, the workshops normally cost money, between $35-50 to attend, but that’s an expense we can write off.  These are business owners who want to help other business owners, and you can only benefit from that.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, our local SCORE office is located at 330 N. Brand Blvd # 190  Glendale, CA 91203

We often think we have to look high and low for the things we need, especially when it comes to successfully running our businesses.  But often, if we just look close enough, what we need is closer than the horizon

[*Score Logo is property of SCORE Organization; mentoring and counseling for small businesses]


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