April’s Entrepreneur Spotlight: Barra’s Just Homemade

Often as entrepreneurs, we share our experiences that have led us to self employment and professional fulfillment.  Whether those experiences highlight the challenges we’ve encountered or the rewards of our determination, dreams and hard work, we have something to pass along.  In April, Intel Boutique has decided to recognize the efforts of one particular social entrepreneur who is embarking on changing lives one cookie at a time, Barra’s Just HOMEMADE.

Barra’s Just H.O.M.E.M.A.D.E (Helping Other Mothers Earn Money And Desired Employment) was conceived after creator and founder, Barra Jones, gave birth to her first child and wanted to spend more time at home rather than at the office.  Jones’ desire to stay home more with her kids made her realize that she was going to have to come up with a solution to supplement  her income.  It was the combination of her background as a social worker, the drive to help others, particularly other women, and her love for her kids that she again gave birth.  But this time, the birth was to her own company.

Although the mission behind BJH has been about support and uplifting, Jones has admitted that one of her biggest challenges with BJH has been getting the message across that her cookies, her signature  Chunky B Cookie (cranberry, milk chocolate, white chocolate, walnut), aren’t just about the right ingredients coming together, but a cookie with a purpose.  “To help mothers find their passion and generate an income doing what they love which will enable them to spend more time with their children and family” , she states.  But she hasn’t allowed deaf ears to slow her down or falter her steps.  She says she learned that, “it’s all a process more of a stick and move… you tell the people and keep moving. You can’t get stuck when someone doesn’t understand the purpose. I just continue to come up with new and creative ways of introducing the purpose coupled with the cookie…its just fine tuning, definitely not something that happens overnight.” 

Despite some of the challenges she’s faced, she credits most of her support to her family; her kids, her mother, the consulting efforts of RocStarr Dreams and the many blessings of God that have allowed her to see her dream come to fruition.  And like any other entrepreneur, Jones has enjoyed the fruits of her labor.  BJH cookies was featured in Bold Magazine’s philanthropy corner and at their launch last December.  BJH created a line of signature cookies for music artists such as Young Keno.   And BJH continues to grow and expand their brand.

Every entrepreneur will have their ups and downs as they strive to establish their business, tweaking their efforts in advertising and campaigning and increasing their visibility in their niche market.   And it’s an ever-growing organic process, always changing, always breathing.  As Jones continues to make BJH all that it can be, she leaves other entrepreneurs with this bit of advice: “You have to have faith, stay focused and consistent always moving with intent and purpose.”

If you’re interest in the cookie with a purpose, give them a call at 424.888.3731, find them on Twitter or Facebook at @chunkybcookie http://www.facebook.com/pages/Barras-Just-Homemade/112425332130257

You just might find yourself helping others too!


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