Living The Dream?

There’s a lot to be said for optimism.  People live their lives by it: hope, belief, faith.  Call it what you want, optimism is the key that drives entrepreneurs to live their dreams, to get up in the morning and push themselves a  little farther than the day before, to shake off doubt and worry and believe that the little nothing they’re working with will become something worthwhile.  Optimism is what keeps the fire burning when there’s nothing left to run on, not even food in the fridge or gas in the car.  That may paint a pretty bleak picture for some on a Monday, but it’s the cold truth for those striving to be their own boss.

Despite how much optimism we may start out with, it will wane from time to time.  Particularly, when things aren’t going well or they go from bad to worse.  Optimism wanes when aspects of our life go from comprises to sacrifices and we stay too long in the company of stress and frustration.  But there are little things, we budding entrepreneurs can do everyday to ease our tensions and get back to our normal optimistic selves.

  • If money isn’t coming in at the rate we need it to or, not at all, consider temporary part-time work.   Yes, work, as in, for someone else.  A little contradictory? Well, it depends where our priorities lie.  We need money, probably to pay our rent or mortgage, the bills, any outstanding notes, and whatever else.  A  part-time job can also be used as a financial resource to fund our business until the business is able fund itself.  It’s a temporary fix for a temporary problem.
  • Work out.  Seriously.  Exercise is a mood regulator and if we find ourselves more stressed out than usual, getting up in the morning to work those frustrations out will help us get a better hold on our day.  The morning is a good time to get some physical activity in because there’s no better way to start our day than with high levels of feel good endorphins, but whenever we can squeeze it in,  let’s do so.
  • Take a break.  Chill.  Relax.  Chill-lax.  Get up and more away from your computer, get out of your office.  Do something non-work related for 15 minutes.  We’re not a robot and we can’t expect to drive our bodies and minds as such.   After awhile, our brains go into an autopilot like state, where we’re there physically doing the task, but we’re not processing anything.  And who wants to re-do 4-5 hours or work all over again ?
  • Get a support buddy.  Someone who can relate to what we’re going to and be a sounding board when we need it.  And ideal person could be our mentor or a friend who is also in business for themselves.  We need to be able to vent at times and get things off our chest, but also, having a second opinion can help us see the bigger picture more clearly.

We know that becoming our own boss wasn’t going to be an easy feat and we never quite expected it to (unless we’re still wearing those rose-colored lenses of how cool it would sound).  But we probably didn’t expect them to be as difficult, either.  No matter the challenges we face, we can start taking measures  now so that we don’t lose our optimism.   So we can continue to live the dream, our dream.


2 thoughts on “Living The Dream?

  1. how funny. Your post written the day after I wrote mine. I appreciate you “liking” my blog post yesterday. I found your post today very interesting and enlightening. Thanks for your thoughts.

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