May’s Entrepreneur Spotlight: Qurious Body Jellies

Tracy Owens, aka Qurious, is like many entrepreneurs who discover their ideas in the midst everyday life.  Many entrepreneurs leave the traditional work force and the corporate world because they’re tired of working for some else; building someone else’s dream.  Qurious said she felt she was never making the kind of money should she have been making and that she felt dead in her employment positions.  She felt her job stood for nothing more than being Just Over Broke.  As the founder and creator of Qurious Body Jellies made the transitioned from employed to self-employed, her biggest pay off would in the form of knowing that she would wake up every morning blessed.  And even though she knew she should be building her own dreams, she never credit her unique talents and will solely hers.  “How I got into making my own products was a blessing from God.  It was given to me when I wasn’t even thinking about it.”

Qurious knew there was a need for her Body Jellies that offered better and more complete skin moisture.  “I [got] tired of seeing people all dressed up and their skin is funky looking.  You must take care of the body if you want it look good.”  Qurious used a variation of her own product since she was a child, but has changed the formula since.  Qurious have been making her body jellies for the public since 2005, however, it’s only been since 2008 that she’s been carving her niche in the market with her  body jellies.  She started selling her products in the streets, in local beauty salons and barbershops.  Since then, she’s added incenses, foaming bath salts, shower jellies and oils to her own line of beauty products.

Her personal, spiritual and professional growth wasn’t an overnight feat, however.  Qurious Body Jellies required Qurious to invest her own money into her business and to stake claim of her market share.  In addition, she’s come across others who have tried to imitate  and copy her beauty product line.  ” I know I have haters but they keep pushing me where I’m suppose to be. I thank all of my haters and naysayers.”

But Qurious doesn’t stop there with her talent.  She’s also a local radio personality on 1460 AM KTYM, The X-Press Your Show Friday mornings from 4:15am to 4:30am.  She’s had the opportunity to interview and talk to celebrities like Tyrese Gibson.  Yet, radio wasn’t a life long passion.  She actually fell into radio by accident.   “One day someone saw me and told me I should be doing radio.  So I was curious about it and jumped into the game.  Radio was the last thing on my mind.”   But radio  allowed Qurious to open another opportunity; for her to help others and give back of herself.   She finds that everyone needs someone to talk to and she’s that person.  And that’s all right with her.

But don’t look for Qurious to slow down as she continues to embark on her professional quest to do better for herself, give back better and aim higher.

” Just do it, that’s what Nike says. Who knows, if you don’t try it you will never know.  Be a leader and not a follower. Life is meant to be lived.”

You can find more on Qurious and her line for beauty products at


2 thoughts on “May’s Entrepreneur Spotlight: Qurious Body Jellies

  1. Roger says:

    Good product, satisfied customer

  2. capricornrising says:

    i LOVE your product! sistah friend it was a blessing to have met you at the location on crenshaw in los angeles (muhammed’s shop) a couple of weeks ago! i’m hoping we’ll connect again soon and share up lifting ideas.

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