Reunited, But Is It Good For Business?

Not every relationship with our clients will last through the course of our small business.   Most of the time, we’re just happy to have clients return a handful of times.  But there are times where we’ve part ways with clients permanently.  Whether they no longer need our services or products, the assignment was short-term or if  there were conflicting expectations and goals.  If you find yourself working with a difficult client and the conditions have become more and more unbearable creating a hardship on your business, it’s always best to diplomatically bring those issues to light.   If the issues cannot be resolved, parting ways may be in your company’s best interest.

And there are times when our clients come back.  We could say for whatever reason, but we’re good at what you do and they still need our services.  But what if this was a client we were happy to parted ways with?  Do we automatically decline and refer them to someone else in our business circle or do we jump back on the band wagon and hope this works out better a second time?

Well, before we do either or, we should re-interview them.  Ask our client what do they need, what are they looking for this time around.  More importantly, we need to inquire if there’s been any new changes that may have relive any of our concerns.  Despite the offer, take some time to think about it.  Do we have other clients or customers we’re servicing?  Are we backed up on orders or are our calendars double scheduled?  Do we desperately need the business?  Regardless, think about what would be best for business.   Is this a client who we can now use as a professional reference to attract more new business?

Reuniting with a client can be a good thing if the prior relationship was left in good standing, but if it wasn’t, give it some thought.  Don’t jump to say no right away, but don’t fall in the same unproductive and antagonistic patterns that could cause a bigger rift.   Let’s look for the improvements in our favor and then let’s decide.  After all, we have businesses to run and it operates best when we’re at our best.


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