The Fred Factor: A Great Read for Entrepreneurs

It’s not The Wealth of Nations, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Think and Grow Rich, Good To Great, Who Moved My Cheese (which is a good read for personal growth and success, generally speaking), How to Win Friends and Influence People or Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  And I’m sure we’ve all had our hands on at least one of these books at one time or another or many others.

But  Mark Sanborn‘s The Fred Factor isn’t what critics may jump to call a great piece of business literature.   But there are great business principles that every entrepreneur, new or seasoned, can take away from.  You’re not going to find 300 to 400 pages of how to build your dream business, earn all the wealth you’ve ever wanted, or how to master your niche market.  What you will find, is how to sharpen that innovative mind of yours, how to keep growing personally and professionally and how to really open yourself to inspiration no matter what you want to do or where you may be at in your life.  It’s definitely something, when time permits, you want to add to your bookshelf.

Here’s a little Fred Factor to enjoy:

  • “The fact is, everybody already makes a difference every day.  The real issue is what kind of difference are they making?”
  • “When you take an interest in people, they provide important information you can use to create value.”
  • “You can make your business, as well as your life, anything you choose it to be.”
  • “Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity.  Just take an opportunity and make it perfect.”

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