Be Your Clients’ White Knight

The white knight  will always be remembered by their customers and/or clients.

We expect any one in just about any profession to do their do well.  To do their job to the standard of their company’s policies, to the integrity of the community, and to a level of satisfaction.   It is expected that anyone performing their job, whatever it may be, will do it competently.  However, competency is overlooked.  Because it is expected.  So much so, that any one can Google the duties and responsibilities of any job and know what to expect when someone comes to perform that job.  And that goes for any and every small business owner.  Your prospect customers can research and interact with your website and social media presence and get an idea of what to expect from your business.  Your customers and clients expect your competent work, your elevated standard, integrity and principles.

But you become your customers’ and clients’ white knight, rather than another someone that performs competent work, when you rescue them.  This has nothing with doing the competent consistently.  This is about taking responsibility and fixing a problem.  Think about the last time you put on your “customer” shoes and made a purchase.  Think about a time when you had a problem with a purchase and needed someone from that company to help you resolve it or walk you through the solution.  Think of the best customer service you had where you remember the incident, the solution, the company and maybe even the person’s name who helped you because they were more than just competent in performing their job duties.  Someone from that company was your white knight.

When you come to your customer’s rescue, no matter how consistently you’ve been doing the job they expect from you at the standard they expect it, you will retain them as customer for life.  In your responsiveness and attentiveness, you have shown them that your business is trustworthy and in turn, they have will give you their loyalty.  Because you were their white knight when they needed you.  Give your clients the best customer service they can possibly receive from you and you will always be their white knight.


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