Not Your Usual Business Resource

There are many lessons we learn as small business owners, whether we’ve had help from a mentor or a friendly expert or if our lessons came in the form of hard knocks.  Either way, we tend to collect a lot of information along the way about running a business.   We use them to know what pitfalls to look out, for what tax codes to stay on top of and what trends in our niche target market to monitor.  But sometimes, in our research, we come across so much information, we may not always know what may be useful.  So often, we forget to mold everything to our advantage.  Some of the resources we stumble upon may be just great insight for down the road.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs and small business owners, you’ve got your stock of Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, Fast Company and/ or Forbes as your go to or inside track literature about business and growth.  But if you wanted to step outside the box and save a penny (’cause every dollar counts, right?), have you considered using employment publications as a business resource?  No?  Probably not.   You may have picked one up a long time ago when working for someone else was something you were still okay with, but those days are gone, right?  Well, gone or not, employment magazines hold a wealth of information for small businesses, if you know what you’re looking for, then you know what you can use.

Here in Los Angeles, we have a fairly popular employment magazine called Working World, which does have a decent amount of job offerings, but there are also articles in reference to employment.  And these are the articles you want to look at, break down and incorporate in your business.  In their most recent issue, Working World has an article regarding personal  branding.  As any small business owner and entrepreneur knows, the image of your company is extremely important in  attracting and retaining customers and clients.  If your company is you, how others see you and how you do business is just as vital.  You’ll also find “Profiles of Success” pieces.  These are often, if not all the time, stories on people who’ve started, built, and grew their own businesses.  Plenty of insight there.  But, the hidden wealth comes from the articles relating to bosses and employee relationships or legal questions.  You may have a small business that has employees, don’t you want to know what lines you can and can’t cross legally (if you don’t know already)?  Or what about your employees’ rights?  What if you’re looking to start a business, but don’t where to begin… looking at the jobs in demand might give you a clue as to which direction to go in.  If there are jobs in demand for a certain sector, there is a market there waiting to be tapped into.

Before you decide what you can and can’t use to aid you in running your business, take a chance on something different.  You may discover your secret weapon that no one else has found yet.  And don’t be dismayed if the information isn’t applicable right away.  Hold on to the info and might be something you can use sooner than you think.


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