National Small Business Week Begins

All right, small business ladies and small business gentlemen… it is our turn to shine.  Not that we don’t already, but we’re afforded this wonderful opportunity all week to really show the both the nation and our local communities the importance of small businesses and the impact we have on the economy and job market.   It is officially Nationally Small Business Week!

The Obama Administration and the SBA plan to devise a “to-do” list for Congress to ensure that individuals like us, have the resources and access to capital to continue our growth, hire employees, increase salaries and update our equipment.  Not to mention, being able to receive some of the same employer tax credits that larger companies and corporation receive.  But, this is all politics (although, quite relevant to the nature of our businesses), we’re business people, not politicians.  While Washington works on their end, we’re going to continue to work on ours.

As the week kicks off, don’t forget to mention to your customer and/ or clients that it is National Small Business Week.  Remind them of your appreciation for doing business with you.  Thank them for their support, because, they too, have helped in the recovery of the economy as a direct result of being your customer.  This may be the week where we’re given recognition, but we can share the spotlight with those that have helped us get here and sustained our position.


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