Entrepreneur Through The Ages

Taken from the June issue Entrepreneur Magazine, we can see how the idea of entrepreneurship and what it means to be an entrepreneur has traveled through the ages.

Has the title entrepreneur been muddied from social media technology and entertainment, or does it still hold its honor or innovation and creativity?


2 thoughts on “Entrepreneur Through The Ages

  1. As an entrepreneur myself, I’ve never really stopped to examine the true definition of the word…much less it’s origin. I love that an entrepreneur is defined as someone who assumes the risk for the sake of the profit. It’s something I worry about often and so it makes me feel more normal to know worrying about our business’s profitability is part of the meaning of entrepreneur. 🙂

    • We all tend to worry in one fashion or another about the direction and momentum (sometimes lack thereof) of our business’ goals and needs, so you are not alone in that respect. With that being said, think of the worrying as a short term trade off to the long-term success just around the bend. If nothing else, we can always turn to the old adage: No guts, no glory.

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