June’s Entrepreneur Spotlight: Black Tie Business Solutions, Inc.

June’s Entrepreneur Spotlight, we’re talking to one of the founders and driving forces behind Black Tie Business Solutions, Inc., Rashad Elliott, as he shares the beginnings, challenges and impressions Black Tie has been making since its conception in 2005.  And like so many of us that decided to take full control of our lives, especially our careers, Rashad Elliott found that a good paying job was never going to be good enough.  “My problem with the ‘Good Paying Job at that Good Paying Company’ is that if I give them 30+ years of my life, my children could never inherit my job. But they could always inherit a business or the skills to make profits on their own.”  And thus, Elliott began creating a business that could be inherited by the next generation.

So many entrepreneurial ideas born out of either frustration or an obvious lack.  Black Tie Solutions was the collective concern over the plight of small businesses, particularly, black-owned, that Elliott shared with those around him.  He felt that the lack of teamwork, competency, and customer service played a far more fatal role in the demise of community businesses than the financial obstacles that all businesses seem to encounter when starting and expanding.  With a few people on board, Elliott and close friends decided to start a consulting business devoted to start-ups and small businesses. But most of the original founders, although educated, were not experienced in hands-on consulting. It wasn’t too long after learning of members’ short comings, that many of the original founders found other careers. However, Elliott stayed with the cause and later incorporated Black Tie in 2011 and formed a team that were battle-tested in small business development. To this day, Black Tie’s tangible support and drive is purely from helping a new business tie their dream into reality.

Black Tie Business Solutions, Inc originally began providing services for start-ups:
  • Business Plans,
  • Grant Proposals, and
  • Incorporating.

Then, as their initial client network grew with more needs, so did their servicing network.  So far, Black Tie’s most targeted demographics are minority start-ups and small businesses in Southern California and Atlanta, GA areas. Moreover, they strategically look for communities with strong networking and referral base and highly competitive business climate that makes their services in high demand.  From their ever-growing client network, many clients have chosen Black Tie for its ability to tailor services to their business’s specific needs at the best quality and pricing value possible in the consulting industry.

“Originally, we serviced everything along with kitchen sinks! Accounting and taxes here….HR and Compliance there….with Marketing & Sales everywhere….and a host of other unrelated subsidiaries just around the corner! We fell into the classic mistake of having Twelve things on Step One, instead of one thing on Step Twelve.”  
It took Elliott and the rest of the team at Black Tie 5 years of learning the hard way, before they decided to make marketing and sales the premiere services along with a variety of ancillary services that are complimentary to their clients.
Putting it all on the line to be your own boss does come with a great sense of freedom as well as the obvious possibility of a crash landing.  Elliott says that when we first took on Black Tie, his initial emotion was fear.  A fear known to those that take the risk of calling the shots: a fear of failing, a fear or losing it all, a fear of bankruptcy.  But soon, that fear dissolved into freedom and he realized  all he could accomplish with his drive and earnest belief.
Over the years, Elliott has developed some hard-earned lessons as what it takes to be your own boss that he doesn’t mind sharing with other aspiring business owners.  “I’ve learned that inaction is deadlier to business than wrong action.”  So often we hear that as, ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again’, but you first have to try.  And when it comes to work and making things work, Elliot believes in  3 kinds of work ethics: Hard Work, Network, and Teamwork. “If you’re missing any of these three, be sure to call Black Tie immediately!” 
“Besides, with new technological advances, high unemployment rates and small business assistance like Black Tie, the time to start a business is almost better than ever!” – Rashad Elliott
You can find Rashad  Elliot Black Tie Business Solutions at:

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