Are You Working Your Small Business Blog?

Just about every small business owner knows the value of social media these days, whether or not we’re willing to jump on the band wagon.  As small business owners,  we know we can use social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to share and engage with our clients.  We can share anything and everything from photos, videos, specials, discounts and upcoming products and/ services.  We can even respond to our customers’ feedback in real time getting a better understanding of how a client really benefits from our products or services.  But these tools are easy to self teach and quite often, we have to.  But of all the tricky social media tools available to us, the most seemingly daunting one is blogging.

There are dozens on top of dozens of articles, if not more, that discuss how important blogging is for any small business out there.  It’s a tool that will allow you to develop a community of people in your industry or target market.  It’s an instrument you can wield to showcase your knowledge and build you niche.   And, it is another platform that be can utilize in making important connections, not just with the people we’re supplying business to, but other small business owners and entrepreneurs.

We know we need a blog and we know we need to blog.  If’ it’s your first time blogging, don’t overwhelmed yourself.  Make is simple, make it honest.  Who are you and what are you providing in your blog.  Many experts and experienced bloggers will tell you, your business blog should provide value to your readers.  In others, don’t make the blog about your business all the time.  In fact, don’t make it about the business half of the time.  Make it about the customer, their needs, their problems, and ideally, a solution.    But this, we already know, or should know or are getting to know.  Keep in mind, prospect and current customers aren’t the only individuals reading your business blog.  So are other business owners (you know, when they have the time to read).

So often, small business bloggers will take all the correct and necessary steps in building a blog.  They’ll set up a blog, set a schedule, consistently write posts and articles on interesting topics they are familiar with, if not an expert on, and publish it.  But that’s not it.  Yeah, you may have done your homework, interviewed some  folks, wrote a really intelligent and engaging post, but it still falls short.  Why?  Well, one of 2 reasons.  One, you may have not linked your blog to any other social media tools you also use.  Or two, you may not have allowed readers to follow or share your posts.  What good is spending the time to write your blog  if you are the only reading your magnificent piece?

So, SHARE.  And give others the opportunity to share.  Set up a Pinterest account, link your blog to Twitter Facebook, maybe even a secondary blog site.  Add it to Google+.   And don’t forget to comment on other business blogs.  Why?  Because it allows people to find you and read your blogs.  That includes liking and following other bloggers too.  You gotta give a little to get a little.

Here’s a simple call to action:  Continue to write your wonderful informative pieces for your business blog.  If you don’t have buttons for people to like or share your blog posts, get them.  If you don’t have accounts with those buttons for people to like or share your blog posts, get them as well.  Again, don’t overwhelm yourself, but put your business out there.  Next, turn around and find 5 other bloggers who you think have written great articles on their related business topic.  And tell them.  Tell them with a like, tell them with a StumbleUpon, tell them with a tweet, a comment or a follow.  Or even tell them with your blog.

Make your small business blog work for your small business.




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