July’s Entrepreneur Spotlight: Atlas Iron Gym

Real Women Lift Weights, Too

In 2010, Carlos Mayorquin walked away from the traditional and well-known fitness centers, such as Bally’s, Equinox and Spectrum as a personal trainer to begin his own gym.  After spending years perfecting his coaching skills and consulting one-on-one, Mayorquin realized he could help people truly attain their health goals by stripping away the over-indulgent luxurious features you’ll find at many gyms.  “You come here to workout out, not to socialize.”  No spas, no steam rooms, no lockers, no massages no gossip, no chit-chatter, Carlos is looking to revitalize the 60’s Black Iron feel for his gym.

Taken from Greek mythology, Atlas Iron Gym was aptly named as a strength and conditioning gym where memberships focus on getting fit and strong rather ultra thin.  Most of Mayorquin’s members are women, who all initially came to him to lose weight as quickly as possible.  He finds women easier to train and more receptive to instruction.  But over course of a few weeks, his women clients begin shedding their vanity to have a Hollywood body and concentrate on being fit.  In doing so, they find they also will shed pounds and see results in 2-3 weeks.

Because strength and conditioning is primarily lifting weights; burning fat and building muscle, the biggest misconception women have about lifting weights is that they’ll bulk up, but in fact, they don’t.  Well, not unless they’re on anabolic steroids.  The women who do increase in the size of mass tend to be professional bodybuilders.

Carlos started Atlas Iron Gym as a mobile service, providing personal training in his clients home.  However, the biggest obstacle there was that not very many, if any, of his clients has the right equipment in order to workout effectively with their objectives in mind.  He had to figure little tricks out along the way that his clients could perform and still get a healthy workout in.  Over a  period of time, he started saving his earnings to buy equipment, weights and special bars just for women.  What he didn’t purchase, he made himself, putting his heart and soul into his passion.  But another challenge, was around the corner.  Now, convincing his clients to come to him, when he had be going to them.  This was a level of convenience he struggled to pull his clients away from.  Yeah, it was ideal for him to come to them, but it was more effective and rewarding for them to come to him.  And gradually, they came.

You can find Mayorquin in his gym training his members one-on-one, or holding group sessions and  bootcamp or researching better techniques to prevent injuries and speed up muscle soreness.  He’s constantly striving to bring the best structure and attentiveness to his membership so they’re always using good form for the optimal results.  As business continues to expand and grow, Mayorquin has his eye on relocating to Culver City, where many of his clients travel from to workout with him.

You can find Carlos Mayorquin and Atlas Iron Gym at:

This week, during the Fourth of July holiday, Carlos is offering a week long special for current and new members.  Stop by his Facebook page and see the deal going on!


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