Location, Location, Location!

Not every business needs a brick and mortar to run and operate.  And, let’s be honest, most small business owners have either started their businesses either in their own homes or currently operated from their own homes.  But when considering where to open your business, look for what options are available to you.  Do you need your business to have a permanent home or, like the picture shows, can you do with just a pop-up store?  What part of the area would you like your business to be located in and can your business afford to be in that area?  Is there a market in the area of your ideal business location?  Are other businesses thriving in that area or are they going out of business?

Location is just as important as the name of your business and if you’re not to sure what location is ideal for your business, consider the following:

  • Continuing working from your home (and don’t forget the write-offs that come with that)
  • Shop around for a short-term lease on a property
  • Partner with another business whose products or services compliment yours without taking away business from you.

With so much potential and novelty in business, you don’t want to be here today and gone tomorrow.


One thought on “Location, Location, Location!

  1. […] seen this around town before.  I know you have.  And I’m sure these “pop-up vendors”, if you will, aren’t only in L.A.  People with their baskets selling hot food and cold […]

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