Is Word of Mouth Dead?

We’ve bought into the Facebook timeline, business page, fan page, home page ads, Google +, Google Chrome,  and Gmail accounts.  With our Twitter, we tweet, we follow and have followers, and follow on Fridays. We’ve LinkedIn, Yahoo-ed and Binged.   We’ve sent and accepted friend requests, attended an event and created a few.  We’ve uploaded to Vimeo and YouTubed ourselves.  We’ve Yellowed our pages, posted to Craig’s List, stopped by the Marketplace, been referred by Angie and dropped a notice on the BackPage.

But all that we do on these various social media networks for our businesses, has it killed the ol’ fashioned word of mouth technique?  Are our customers not talking to their friends or each other… offline?

Despite how plugged in, connected, uploaded and linked we are these days, word mouth is still breathing.  People are still getting together and talking.  Talking about what they don’t like and what they’ve enjoyed the most, and this includes our businesses, too.  Many of the small businesses owners I have worked with and featured, have been referred a number of times via word of mouth from an existing client or customer.  Don’t underestimate social media networks just yet.   It can be a strong tool to utilize in engaging with our customers share good news and new products, but word of mouth is still a testimonial to prospective clients that illustrates…

what we do,

how well we do it,

how quickly we solve,

and master,

and correct,

and listen,

and produce

and supply that will continue to do all the talking for us.


2 thoughts on “Is Word of Mouth Dead?

  1. fruition77 says:

    Word of mouth marketing will always be one of the best, (if not the best), marketing tools a small business has. I also love all of the more innovative tools, but the market is just so flooded right now, it’s hard to know who to trust. And if I feel this way, I know my customers are getting skeptical as well.

  2. […] to us over and over and over again.  Multiple visits and interactions are a VERY good thing.  And word of mouth is still a very powerful tool for smaller companies.  We can’t let a bad co-mingling between […]

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