Be Thankful for the Bad Clients, Too

We’ve all had that customer or client that we couldn’t wait to finish up with and remove from our lives.  They were the ones slow to respond, argumentative, paid late, canceled frequently with little to no notice, always had an issue with our work or services, and never acknowledge the time we spent going up and beyond what was asked for.  And yet, they will be the reasons that our businesses will expand and grow.  They become the reason we’re creative in our approaches, efficient in our solutions and positive with our outcomes.

But before you ditch the client that is causing you to pull out your hair, take every situation they present you with as a test of your knowledge and capabilities.  Take it, as you should with everything else life presents you with, as a learning experience and flip it so that no matter what, you are able to gain something from the situation.  Whether you learn to institute a new service policy, regulate and implement a stricter payment procedure or change your tactics completely in approaching those difficult clients, make sure there’s something worthwhile to be gained, even if it’s only wisdom.   After all, the most successful entrepreneurs don’t just skate to the top from Easy Street.   They work with what they got and often, with whom they’ve got.

So the next time a client becomes unbearable to the point you no longer want to work with them, just think what hidden boost they’re giving you and your business.


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