Business Lessons We Can Learn From Playing Lemonade World


We can admit it here. We can share our little guilty secrets.  Sometimes, when we get too overloaded or tired of driving our business, we step aside from everything for a few moments.  We check our email for something other than memos from clients, log onto Facebook and tag our friends, surf the web for celebrity gossip or play something that doesn’t require us to think.  And a good place for some distracting mindless game playing is over at

Now, you can roam over there and play anything that you want.  There, you’ll find action games, funny games, multi-player games, strategy games, and a whole  more.    It’s a great distraction, takes your mind off the day’s agenda and gives you that break you need.  But if you want a  fun distraction and still get some thing out of it, play Lemonade World.

Maybe your first real entrepreneurial opportunity was in your youth operating a lemonade stand (or a yard sale, bake sale, babysitting or newspaper route).  If not, here’s a wonderful opportunity to still have some childish fun to run a business.   First things first, capital.  Now, in the game, they give you $25.  In the real world, that barely covers gas, but in Lemonade World, this is what you get to purchase your lemons (an actual tree, really), ice, cups, sugar and advertisements.    You won’t be able to buy everything right away, so you have decide what items are necessary and what will have to wait when you have more funds.  The game starts you selling lemonade at $0.25 per cup.  You can raise the price, and as often as you like, but you’ll have to keep in mind, will your cute little customers buy your lemonade at the price you set?  And keep in mind, the temperature changes everyday. Can you manage to sell lemonade on a day that is 47 degrees, the same as a day that’s 101 degrees?

Now, the goal isn’t to take the fun out of the game, because the more money you earn, the more you can buy and earn special awards and points.  But there are some real lessons to take away from Lemonade World:

  • Budget your money.  You have to constantly plan for the future and future expenses
  • Prioritize.  Take care of what’s needed now.
  • Monitor the environment around you.  What’s changing and how do you adapt to those changes.
  • Advertisements are your friends.  When you can afford it, take advantage of it.
  • Progress doesn’t mean becoming complacent.  It means you gotta continue to work, and work smart.

Take these lessons to heart, you might find yourself pleasantly surprise.  Whether you’re playing for fun or you’re in the real game of business.





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