Turning Your Side Job Into Your Dream Business

Many of us might have started our businesses as a side job once upon a time.  It might have been something to bring in a little extra income, or explore an interest, or a possible opportunity.  We found something we could do and do well.  But as we developed our skills and created a client base, we realized that our side job had a real business opportunity for us.  Light bulbs started lighting up, but we were still in no position to rush out and grab an office space, yet we still needed to see where this opportunity was going to take us.  But how?  How do we make that transition from being employee to being self-employed?

Before we jump the gun, look at all the legwork we’ve put in our side job thus far and the options that are still open to us.  Do we want to keep juggling working for someone else while trying to work for ourselves?  As we make the transition into becoming a business owner, we need to invest in some business cards.  Why?  It means we take ourselves seriously enough to market ourselves.  After all, when we’re looking for a job, we carry our résumé, why would we not carry cards for our business?  And don’t hesitate to give them out to your current clients, you never know who they’ll give them out to.  Word of mouth is far from dead.

Put out some local advertising.  Call up a few local newspapers and get some prices about placing an ad.  If you don’t have a budget just yet for advertising, the internet is your friend.  The internet is your FREE friend.  Sites like BackPage, OLX and Craig’s List allow us to post our services for free in our local area.  And even we have images, it’s even better because we can show prospective clients what we’re doing and who we are.   Keep in mind, people are visual creatures; we like to see what we’re getting.

However, the most successful way to transition that side job into a business would be to create a web presence for it.  We may not have the funds to hire a professional web designer just yet or know enough to tinker with building a website on our own, but we can always use a template or a blogging platform.  The majority of blogging platforms are free to use (although we will be using their hosting and their site name attach to ours), they come with different templates and designs and it’s easy to get up and running.  The point being, is that having some sort of web identity, including social media,  increases our chances of being successful helps us move into the realm of business owner.

Going into business may be daunting, but there are some moves we can make to ensure the transition will`easier than expected.


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