Has Chris McMurray Given Small Business Owners Something to Ponder?

Taking the past week into review with small businesses surfacing in the news, let’s revisit Chris McMurray’s choice to decline letting Vice President Joe Biden stop into his store, Crumb & Get Itbecause he did not agree with quite a few of the Obama Administration’s policies.

Should small business owners mix their political viewpoints with operating a business?  Is all press (especially free press) good press?  Do you think Chris McMurray’s business will suffer from his decision to refuse Vice President Joe Biden?  As small business owners, how often should we let our voices be heard, even if they’re not the most popular words?  Should we accept any support for our businesses, no matter where it’s coming from?  What’s up with the name change in the video (about a minute into the interview with Chris McMurray, they seem to have change his name to Chad, which sounds nothing like Chris)?

What can be agreed on is that Chris McMurray will get press from this no matter what, which means increased SEO and name recognition, at least for a while.  And as far as refusing the Vice President, his store, his decision.


*Video Source: http://www.youtube.com/user/jeraboo29 andWGN 7


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