If You’re Using Leaflets to Promote Your Business, STOP!

No one likes leaflets, not even the people passing them out.  So why would you litter potential customers’ cars and homes with your business leaflets ?  They get pulled out of the side of car doors, out from underneath windshield wipers, off of gates or fences, pulled from door knobs and tossed in the trash.  Is this your marketing plan?  Hopefully not.  Did you think this was the only thing promotional material you thought could fit your budget?

The problem many companies face with promoting their businesses is marrying a budget with a marketing plan and if your business is relying solely on traditional marketing techniques such as leaflets and flyers, that could explain why your leaflets are getting thrown away.  Why would let someone throw away your money?

The problem with leaflets is that there is a belief that passing out something tangible is a great way to reach a lot of people without all the bells and whistles.  But so much of marketing, such as engaging and drawing the customers in, is being left out in this very simplistic process (however, there’s nothing wrong with simple if done right).  Whether it’s you or someone you’ve hired, are randomly going to homes and cars leaving your business info a piece of paper with the hopes that someone will take interest, take a little initiative and magically become a customer.  But what about demographics, target audience, positioning, differentiation, market segmentation, or a well-crafted advertising campaign?  You know, the very things to consider when you want your marketing efforts to work for you.  Or is the focus just on mass mediated means?

Scrap the leaflets. They’re going to be tossed out anyways.  When it comes to promoting your business, it’s about standing out from your competitors and standing out to your customers.  You can clutter their windshields and you can litter on their doorsteps, but you are NOT communicating to them the value of your business, its services or its products.  There is much to be said about the success of having an online presence, but you if you want your potential customers to walk away with something in their hands about your business, get clever,  get crafty.  Just don’t get lazy or redundant.


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