What Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Should Be Subscribing To:



Subscribe to these magazines: Forbes, Website, Harvard Business Review and Entrepreneur and you’ll find tips to help drive your ideas and business —

  • Social Media Management: Is your business making the most of its social media presence?  Don’t just upload posts, but respond, comment, connect, follow,  like, interact and as always, engage.  But be mindful, just because there are thousands of back links, doesn’t mean your business needs to be on all of them.
  • Success Stories: Learn how other like-minded individuals turned their dreams and passions into the business reality it is now.  What challenges did they face and how did they overcome them?  What could you learn from their experiences?
  • Marketing:  What tools should you be using, why and how?  Sometimes the tried and true isn’t for everyone and every business, and sometime it is.  Figure out which can work for your business on any given budget.
  • Leadership:  You made be what has been coined as “solopreneur”, but that doesn’t mean you’re not making waves and shaking things up.  Discover what you can do to becomes  a better leader and more influential in your industry.
  • Interfacing:  Every business should have a website; does yours and how is it interfacing with prospective and current customers?  Is it easy to navigate?  What tools do you have in place to track traffic and collect feedback?  What kind of SEO ranking is your website ranking with search engines?
  • Technology:  See where the latest tech companies and apps are taking businesses and their consumers.  What should you be on the watch for?  How are you using technology to make business much more manageable; what technology should you be using?

You’re not trying to build a library of business articles to show and tell, but build a tool set of business knowledge to put to use.  Pick up some reading material and find out how you can make your business flourish.



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