September’s Entrepreneur Spotlight: 5 4 Vision

Growing up in West Philadelphia, Henrico Aleus, aka “Rico”, stumbled unto his passion, like so many entrepreneurs do, when they discover something they’re good at and enjoy doing.  Shooting videos and film-making was a childhood dream of his, like many of the Steven Spielberg wannabes of today, and it became a reality the day decided to pick up a camera and shoot.  As he moves from the role of videographer to filmmaker, he shares his motivation, his hopes and path he’s on to see his dream fully bloom into reality.

5 4 Vision, the name of his production company, was coined after the street he grew up on in Philadelphia, 54th Street.  It was the experiences living on 54th Street that inspired the tone of his earlier works.  He initially started with low-budget music videos for friends to help them promote their material.  As time went on, Rico noticed that he was becoming better and better with shooting and editing.  As he increased the  number of projects he’s worked on, so did the attention of his peers and people in field.  He would meet people interested in his work while in the of filming and through word of mouth.  It wasn’t long before began to work with up and coming actors, music artists and models.

Rico currently works on projects with Bold Magazine, Art Above Reality and Future Stars Entertainment Group.

But being good enough has never been an attribute that entrepreneurs have been able to settle for.  We crave to be better, to come as close to perfection as perfection will allow.  And Rico knew he needed to be better, to be great at what he does.  So, he headed back to school.  “I went back to school because I [wanted] to take my skills to the next level… [and] because of what I’ve learned, I don’t even shoot the same, it has improved my skills a great deal.”

But even the sweetest victories and accomplishments have had to be fought on a battlefield.  Rico has struggled to get people to first believe in his vision (no pun intended) and to take him seriously as a professional.  “Nothing happens overnight, even with hard work.  You have to keep going even when times aren’t so good and be humble and patient.”

Even though Rico has come along way and continues to expand the potential of 5 4 Vision, he’s taken many of the lessons he’s learned early on to heart.  Having gone back to school, he feels the value of education in one’s respective field only enhances the success of their business.  We can learn as much as we can on our own, but with out proper guidance, we could be stumbling in the dark for a long time.  He also believes in never refusing to quit.  It’s been said that dreams come true, not free, and thus we have to make the necessary sacrifices and take the necessary time to see the dream come full circle.  And above all, believe in your own vision, even if no one else does.    No one can see your future like you can.

You can find Rico representing his 5 4 Vision company at:

*shot and edited by Rico Aleus/5 4 Vision


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