How Many Hats Does An Entrepreneur Really Wear?

You’re self-employed, you work for myself.  You are the master of your universe.  You are the shot-caller, the mover and shaker, the boss, the head-hancho, the man (or woman).  But if you happen to be a “solopreneur”, you’re more than just the mastermind and face of your company.  You ARE the company.

You’re the:

  • Bookkeeper/ CPA – You handle the books, the accounting; the money coming in and the money going out.  You decide the expenses and set the budget, effectively cutting costs and saving money
  • Customer Service Rep – You handle and resolve all customer concerns and problems in a reasonable fashion; you follow-up with customers and listen to their opinions and make improvements within the company based on that feedback
  • Marketing Team – You research ideas and channels to market your company’s products and services and to who and for how long; you collect the demographic data and compare it to your target market and decide what and which methods of advertising to use to effectively market the company’s brand and image
  • Sales and Promotions Team – You’re responsible for handling transactions, process orders, deciding what kind, if any, discounts or promotions your company will run and for how long.  You also work closely with the marketing team so that any promotions the company has going on, it is a practical marketing strategy
  • Administrative Assistant – You handle and organize the paperwork and documentation making sure everything is where it’s suppose to be; you scan, you copy, you input data, stock supplies and keep a good repertoire with vendors while, providing support to, well, yourself
  • Receptionist – You answer the phone and greet customers; you are the first interaction people have with your company so it is important you are warm and inviting
  • Mail Clerk  – You make sure all outgoing mail and packages are prepared for shipment, including any orders that must be shipped; you collect all incoming mail and sort it, ensuring everything is delivered to the right departments (you are the departments, ironically)
  • Assistant – You schedule appointments and meetings, make any travel arrangements that are necessary, take notes during meetings, keep up email correspondences within and outside the company, make sure deadlines are met, discrepancies are caught, and errands are ran

Being an entrepreneur isn’t always as glamorous as it’s cracked up to be all the time.  And because most of the companies started in the US are operated by a single person, that person wears every hat in their company.  They may have the title of CEO but that is not the only role they play.


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