Make Your Customers Remember You With A Token Of Your Appreciation!

Ever gotten a free pen from a business? Or key chains or a refrigerator magnet?  Maybe a can holder for your beverages?  Notice, all those little freebies seem to have the company’s name, logo and contact information, whether it be a phone number, website or email address.  There’s a reason for that.  Those businesses want customers to keep coming back.  They want customers to remember who it was that gave them such memorable service, such a useful product.  They want to stand out in the minds of their customers.  They want their customers to remember them.

Now, a key chain or a refrigerator magnet might not sound like something worth remembering.  But the company is.  And they want you to know that.  So, they offer a free token of their appreciate for their customers’ business in hopes that patrons will return and become loyal customers.

Maybe instead of a key chain, you might provide your customers with a bottled water like the picture above.  Yeah, the bottle might get thrown out, but it’ll stick in their minds while they have it: “Such-n-such company gave me a free bottle of water with their business info on it.  Isn’t that neat?”

Make your customers remember your business and show them your appreciation. Give them a token of your appreciation you’ll earn their repeat business.


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