Your Company’s Image Is In It’s Profile

Don’t you hate it when you sign up for service, or an account, the webmasters walk you through a public profile to set up?  After all, who really has time to upload a photo or logo, write a brief description or bio, and share links of their websites or social media accounts they’re connected to?  How often have we hit the “skip” or “come-back-to-it-later” button?  We figure, we’ve set up account and for now and fill out the rest later.  We can tweak and add all the bells and whistles when we get time, just get the profile up now.  Well, truth be told, that’s all right if it’s a personal profile we’re setting up.  We might want or need a little more time to be creative with expressing who are and what we’re doing.  But when it comes to setting up an account for our company’s profile, there is no comeback to it later .

Let’s not forget, unless given the option to keep a profile private, the moment we create a profile, it’s public.  Anyone with access to a computer and internet can find our company with all of its links online.  That means anyone searching for our business name will come across every piece of information made public, including that God-awful incomplete profile we said we’d come back to.  More importantly, how does that look to a prospect client/ customer?  No logo or photo, no website or landing page, no description of what the company does, its mission statement or who its demographics are.  Great.    Consider how often consumers spend time online shopping, reading reviews and comparing products and services.  If they happen to come across an empty business profile we neglected to fill out and finish, we just turned away customers and don’t know it.  We might notice we’re not getting many visitors or clients are few and far between.   What we’re lacking is helpful information on a completed profile about our company.


How to Create a Satisfying Profile That Won’t Turn Away Prospect Clients: 

  1. Create a short description about your company in advance and save on your computer and/or flash drive – that way you can copy paste and as you create new public company accounts, the content is consistent
  2. Keep a logo of your business or photo handy and ready to upload – no one likes those faceless eggs on Twitter and no wants to do business with a faceless company
  3. Fill out as much of the necessary info that’s requested – don’t just fill out the name of your company and field, but add where it’s located (even if it’s just the city and state), a phone number, always a website/ blog site, and all social sites customers can follow you on
  4. Don’t run away from the bio – this is a chance to show the human side of your company: YOU!  Go ahead and talk about how you started your business, how long you’ve been in business and any milestones or achievements you’ve accomplished.  And of course, the goal or mission of the business
  5. What makes your profile even better, aside from being completed — connecting with others.  Follow other companies, connect with other entrepreneurs.  Start conversations and discussions.  Interactions builds your presence and your presence will strengthen your company’s reputation




[*Image sources:, jscreationzs and Stuart Miles, respectively]


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