Are Sign Twirlers Marketing Strategy Outdated or Good Ol’ Fashion Basics?

We’ve all driven past a sign twirler or two on the busy streets of L.A.  Sometimes they’re dancing, other times they’re doing tricks with the sign; flipping it in the air and catching it with one hand.  It catches motorists’ attention… as long as the light remains red.   But how much value are these sign twirlers offering the businesses they’re marketing?

Yes, sign twirlers are another extension of marketing.  And we’ve seen of few of them spring up these days, especially around tax season when Liberty Tax has their sign twirlers on every available street corner.  But it’s not just Liberty Tax.  Look around next time you get a chance and notice the businesses that have sign twirlers.  Local fast food restaurants and jewelry stores have these bouncing signs too.  But are the sign twirlers providing a few seconds of distraction or are catching the eye of  potential customers?

Let’s take a moment to re-examine what good marketing should do.  A good marketing strategy should capture the attention of viewers, readers and/or listeners.  It should pique interests, particularly for the consumers in its target market.  And it should have consumers recall the name, the jingle or slogan of the company marketed.

Now, with these sign twirlers, I can recall one or two of  the businesses I’ve seen twirled around.  I can’t say that any of them have made me interested in the company being advertised, but that could be I wasn’t an ideal customer, I wasn’t looking for their particular service or product.  And for the moment, the dancing twirlers did capture my attention.  In a world of social media, high-priced TV commercials and radio ads, it’s nice to see that business have gone back to the basics of good ol’ fashion marketing.

Would you use a sign twirler to market your business’ services or products?  Why or why not?


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