Keep You Business’ Blog Short and Sweet

When smaller companies start blogging for their business, sometimes they find the lack of content to write about daunting.  They think they have nothing to write about, most topics have already been covered, they’re not very good writers or some other excuse.  And then their writing efforts start to falter until they stop writing all together. On the other hand, there are business owners that seem to almost to have been born to blog (or at least, that’s what they like us to think).  They have so many fresh ideas, creative insights and advice to share.  However, more times than not, they can over share.  And too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

For those of us that are familiar with social media, blogging or just being on the internet, we know there is A LOT of information on the wonderful wide world web.  And of a lot of that information is a distraction.  Our attentions are constantly being pulled in one direction and then another until we finally log off.  So, why then would we create 1,000 plus word posts expecting readers to and give us their undivided attention while they’re surfing the web?  As a blogger or business owner, can you not get to your point or tip across in a 500 words or less?  If not, work on it.   Or else, you’re gonna lose a lot of prospect client attention (and possible conversions) because they’re not going to have the time to sift through all the muddied details.

When you’re writing a business blog, you don’t always need a history of the topic you’re  sharing or a thorough introduction.  Pictures help, videos are cool, but a lengthy dissertation, no.  Keep the information short and sweet, and most importantly, valuable.

It’s EXTREMELY possible and likely to write an amazing blog, sharing your insightful tips and advice and get a considerable amount of hits and views without overdoing it on the word count.  Ideally, you want to aim for posts under 500 words.  For those that love to write, fine, you can go up to 650 words.  Remember, keep it simple.  Get to the point of the article or blog.  Why is the information you’ve written it’s important and/or helpful.  Focus on those two elements and you’ll be sure to have return visitors to your site.


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