“Comment” Your Way to Being Reputable

You’ve listened and wised up.

You started a blog for your business.

And you found a schedule that works for you and post regularly.

You added widgets and share buttons.

You even liked a few other blogs in hopes a few blogs would like yours in return.

You’ve followed a few blogs and few blogs have followed you.

But when was the last time you left a worthwhile comment on someone else’ s blog or article?

Think of comments as short snippets of your insight and writing ability that can help build your reputation.  As short as a comment may be, it is reflection of you and your business and thus your reputation.  Whether you agree or disagree with the writer, it is important to articulate a clear and educated opinion with few to little errors (after it’s a comment, how many words can you misspell?)  Sometimes we brush comments off as just another acknowledgement received for a well written (or poorly written) online resource.

The truth of the matter is, just as a well-written article can circulate and draw attention, so can a well written comment.  Why does it matter whether we comment?  Because when we do, our profile image is linked to that comment along with all the information about us and our business.  That includes our website, any and all other social media links, our bio and additional contact information.  Seems pretty important if we’re trying to connect and get leads, right?  Commenting is a small task that when done right can have a huge ripple effect in our favor.

Comment the way you would “like” something:

  • Don’t just say you agree or disagree, say why or why not and throw in data to support your reasoning.  After all, it helps if you sound like an expert too.
  • Don’t comment on everything, whether you like it or not.  The point is to address the topic at hand and subtly steer other readers to your blog or website.
  • When you comment, don’t beg for comment or like in return.  You’ll find most of the time, people like to know who’s liking and commenting on their blog.  They’ll look on their own, no need to “force feed” them to your page.
  • Be honest when you’re commenting.  Yes, you want to draw up a little attention for your own blog, but not at the expense of sounding insecure of fake.  Be genuine.

Respond the way you write and you’ll get the right kind of attention.


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