Conventional or Creative?


Is it smart to market your business on your a smart move, or is it getting a little old? Is it a way to get your name in front more people? Or are people glazing over the name? Is mobile advertising is conventional or is it creative?


2 thoughts on “Conventional or Creative?

  1. pofone says:

    Your right! I seriously think that forcing your business people doesnt always help. Marketing is sometimes done with aggression because people think the being aggressive works and this might go back to having a short term goal mentality. I think more subtle marketing which shows the value being created instead of the name of the business helps more

    • There’s a great deal to be said about a subtle approach. Not to mention, if every other business owner is marketing their company aggressively, what is to separate one aggressive technique (and business, for that matter) as unique or imaginative among the rest?

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