Even the Famous Have Turned to Business Education

We use to think that fame brought fortune and that fortune brought fame.  But when you’re growing an enterprise and making your company the best, it’s not fame and fortune you seek out.  It’s higher learning.

Forget what you think when you hear the name Tyra Banks.  Forget the title she’s held as a model, a TV personality, and an actress.  Look at the businesswoman who is illustrating one of the most important business tools in order to establish, build and grow a business.  Tyra Banks talks about her desire to be the best and seeking out best to take her company to the next level.  And in her search, she sought Harvard Business School.  In an elite business program designed for the already successful and busy entrepreneurs, in which they spend 3 weeks on campus per year for 3 years, Tyra takes the next important step for further her ventures.  She looks to higher education to have means to take care of business.

We may not have $30,000 for special elite educational programs, but we can still utilize education to our benefit and for our companies.  The majority of people who’ve started their own businesses have bachelor’s or master degrees so they know the value education has in business. What opportunities will you seek out to help your business be the best in its field?





[*Video Source: fannyanne2]


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