November Entrepreneur Spotlight: Kelly’s Hot Sauce

Homemade hot sauce.




That last ingredient wasn’t to check your eyes.  Yes, carrots and you’ll find them in Kelly’s Hot Sauce.  Never heard it?  Oh, you will.  Kelly’s Hot Sauce is the brainchild of Harris Kelly, who with the help of his partner, Cheryl, started their business from their home delivering Caribbean and American dishes to local residents.  While preparing meals for delivery and experimenting with a few ingredients, Harris’ brought home some  home-grown peppers she was given by a relative.  Harris got the idea of using the peppers for the Caribbean dishes they served as flavoring.  As Harris thought to himself, he figured he’d make his own sauce on the side to complement the dishes.  It wasn’t long until their regulars started requesting the hot sauce.

What’s in Kelly’s Hot Sauce and how is it made? Like any good recipe, it’s kept under tight lip.   But it’s all naturally made with mostly vegetables, which you many not typically find with hot sauces, so it has no calories, no fat and very low sodium .  And because of the semi thick consistency, Kelly’s Hot Sauce goes great with beans, vegetables, meats, other sauces or by itself as a dipping sauce.  It comes in 3 different degrees of ‘hot’, with their mild being the most popular.

For the past six months or so, Kelly’s Hot Sauce has been operational, they’ve done it all from their living room and kitchen setting up shop.  Regardless of the short time, limited resources, the business continues to grow and they expect to see greater numbers in requests and success in the next six months.   But they’re not thinking short-term or just trying to fill a present gap, they’re anticipating longevity in their business as long as they continue to focus on expanding the market and customer base with Kelly’s Hot Sauce and their catering services.  “We started off [smaller than we would have liked].  We…definitely [plan to] roll out and market the product on a larger scale as business continues to grow.”

Like any other small business owner and entrepreneur, they want to be financially independent and comfortable; able to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  Their experience in establishing and building this business has taught them to focus on the joy of their ideas and put their trust in their faith that everything will turn out all right.  After all, it’s been said, when you love what you do, it’s no longer work.

To order Kelly’s Hot Sauce or ask about their catering service, give Cheryl or Harris a call at: 818.799.4583, email: and definitely inquire about their holiday promotion.


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