The Los Angeles Small Business Expo

For those that were in the Los Angeles area on Thursday, yesterday, they were treated to another annual Small Business Expo at the California Market Center in Downtown Los Angeles.    There were dozens of workshops with speakers on all topics small business:

  • Crowd-funing and Venture Capital Pitching
  • SEO and AdWords
  • Legal Matters and Business Mistakes
  • Tax Deductions and Write-Offs
  • Customer Buying Behavior
  • Social Media and Networking
  • and a host of other interests and concerns

In between the workshops (more like simultaneously), attendees were given time to “speed” network and connect with other attendees who were also small business owners.   In addition to, there were also vendors who were present to showcase their unique products and services that catered to other small businesses.

Later on in the day, the event continued over at the Figueroa Hotel at the Veranda Bar for the after party and mixer event.

Overall, for small businesses looking to network or whose clients are other small businesses, this was a great opportunity to meet up with others self-employed business owners and get a real sense of LA’s entrepreneurial community.  If you were not able to attend this year’s small business expo, look for it again November 7th, 2013.



One thought on “The Los Angeles Small Business Expo

  1. It was a great experience for Dwyer Consulting to meet so many of the west coast entrepreneurs. We believe that the success of one business is the success for all thriving businesses nation wide.

    I hope that the organizers of these expos continue to brodan their horizons to every great city through country.

    Once again, thank you for this great experience!

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