Reasons to Shop This Small Business Saturday

It seems like after the sales and huge discounted items on Black Friday, every shopper and consumer is empowered for the approaching holiday season.  But all they’ve done is given their money to an already huge and ever-growing corporation.  There’s nothing wrong (entirely) with big companies.  Many of them of them started off as small businesses, however, it’s not big businesses that build an economy and social-economic structure.  It’s the small businesses that do.  And here are a few reminders to shop small today:

  • Small businesses offer personalized attention and intimate customer service
  • Small business do not outsource jobs overseas
  • When you spend your hard earn dollars at a small business, those dollars are recycled back into the community, the very community you may live, work or send your kids to school in
  • When small businesses need to grow and expand, they look to hire from the community
  • More small businesses put people to work than large corporations collectively
  • Small businesses are more likely to respond quickly to customer feedback and concerns  to retain customers
  • You’ll find more unique  and specialty items and services from a small business

So for all of you that are shopping small today, thank you for your support.  Small businesses can’t do it all by themselves.   They too need support.




[photo credit: David Castillio Dominici]


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