December’s Entrepreneur Spotlight: Photography By Bry Delicia

artistic nudeinterpretitive_Brybeach and girl_Brylove will never doHow did you get your start in photography? Did it start off as a passion or hobby?  What made it spark for you?
“I got into photography through my father and grandfather. Both men have an amazing eye and really facilitate and encourage my love for the art. When I was in middle school my grandfather always had cameras. He would give me film Canons and I would just go out and shoot. If my Canon ever broke or malfunctioned he gave me a new one.

In the summertime in Chicago we would sometimes have bad storms that would knock down trees and leave the parks in a wreck. The day after the storms I would grab black and white film and go shoot. Those were my favorite.
Both my dad and grandfather travel a lot and they shoot everywhere they go. They really taught me the importance in capturing quick moments for lifetime cherishment.

Photography, for me, was then and still is both a passion and hobby!”
How long would you say you’ve been in photography professionally?

“I think that’s still a hard category for me to put myself within. The idea that doing something I love and am so passionate about can parallel with a word like ‘professional’ is mind-boggling to me. I put the camera down in High School and picked it back up my senior year of college, in 2010. I’ve been shooting nonstop since then.”

What are you favorite images to capture, landscape, people, action, etc.?  What inspires you and where do you find inspiration?
“My favorite hands down is people, but not necessarily posed. I love to “steal” moments if you will. I’m very big on personifying emotions and words through my photography and allowing people to hold on to those moments as long as the images live. Concepts like love, anger, sadness, etc we know these things because we feel them. We’re told what they are like and how to deal with them, but WHAT do they look like. I want people to be able to look at my images and say THAT is love, that is passion, that is heavy, or whatever they see within the images. I believe this not only comes from the final product of the image, but also from the passion within my eyes and me.”

What is the hardest or most challenging thing(s) about being a photographer?  I would think it’s the competition, especially in Los Angeles, but have you encounter other challenges?
“I honestly don’t feel like I’m in competition with anyone. The beauty of photography is it’s everywhere and there are so many different styles. Everyone needs pictures for some aspect of their life and photographers will always be sought. My goal in photography, and life, is not to be rich and famous, I don’t need it. My goal is to assist and make a difference through the talents and gifts that God has given me.  A lead actor or actress will receive praise and acclaim for a job well done, but in reality they’re only as good as their supporting cast. While, of course, there are moments where I will lead I’m more than OK with being a part of the supporting cast. The best part of photography is that I can be that support for so many people.
My greatest challenge in photography, and again in life, is maintaining a clear mind and staying true to my vision and purpose. I was put here to be a difference in the world and not to be of the world. I don’t want the way I see the world to be muddied by the way man thinks “it’s supposed to be” My interpretation through the lens is very special and I try to keep that.”
To my understanding, you’re originally from Chicago.  Why the move from Chicago to LA?  What was so important or necessary about the move?

“I was born in Hayward, CA (BAY AREA!!!!) and move to Chicago in ’96. From 1996-2011 Chicago was “home.” In college I set out to accomplish a few things and when I graduated and looked back I had done more than I could ever imagine. I ran several large productions, I held an internship with a HUGE fashion name, I founded an organization and headed several others, and I was respected. When you take all of this into perspective and compare your goals to your successes and see how the things you accomplish pale in comparison to what you planned, there’s a sense of pride and, for me, also a feeling of  “what next?”
I needed a new platform and I decided on New York, Atlanta, or LA. With that I began looking for jobs, housing, etc and everything literally laid itself out in Los Angeles. I believe God will always put us where we’re supposed to be right when we’re supposed to be there, and that was affirmed with my move. I’ve never felt more “at home” and at peace with myself and my purpose than I did when I moved, and currently even. All I had to do was show up with an open mind and heart, everything else was taken care of.”
How have you grown as a photographer and what or who has helped you along the way?

I can’t even describe in words how far I’ve come as an artist. There’s still pieces from when I was in middle school that are, and will always be my favorite, but  my eye has matured and my interpretation of things is every different from that girl. As I mature, my photos mature. As I meet people and learn new things my photos blossom. 
I’ve been blessed to be able to shoot with so many amazing people and they have all had a hand in my work. My dad, my mom, brothers, and grandfather all still play a role in my work. In college, Nameka Bates turned me on to my first editing program and allowed me to borrow the schools Nikon equipment to do portfolio work on the weekends. Jeffrey Osuji, and actually the vast majority of the TAU chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Inc. They allowed me to express myself creatively through several social and educational events and personal images for their pageant contestants. In LA, Kristine Barboza works with me on honing my editing skills and encouraging me to be amazing. Elissa Mirsky pushes me beyond limits that I wouldn’t dare creep close to on my own. Some of my best friends, Tehran and Isra constantly critique my work with an unbiased eye and push me to be a better artist.
There are so many people [who] continue to motivate me and place me in situations where I’m forced to grow and develop as an artist, and as a woman. I’m very thankful for everyone that’s inspired me in anyway and God’s placement of them within my life.”
What projects are you currently working on? Anything in the works and with whom?  How long have you been working on those projects and what are the goals you hope to reach?

“I’m currently working on several series that I’m hoping to present in gallery form. I’m working on a music series where I’m bringing images to some of my favorite songs, and I’m also working on a movement series. The movement series is really focusing on dancers and the beauty and emotion that are embedded within their work. The arts as a whole are important to me and I love incorporating different aspects of it within my creative space.
Part one of my music series covered Janet Jackson’s “Love Will Never Do” and was obviously influenced by Herb Ritts and his interpretation of what that song meant. That’s currently available to view on my site.
I’m working on a showing for the first quarter of 2013 and having a small event for this. I want to have a silent auction where I’m able to take proceeds and donate back to youth art programs. This is all still in the works so the details are still being worked out!”

What have been some of your most rewarding collaborations or/and assignments?

“My most rewarding collaborations have been with people that trust me and believe in my vision. I love shooting risqué images, artistic nudes, and a lot of concepts that push the envelope of sexuality. I feature a broad scope of photography on my site, but these areas are my favorite. As far as being a model in these situations, it takes a lot of trust. You have to believe that I have your best interest at heart, and trust that the images have pure intent. I’m very thankful for the models that have allowed me to capture this raw beauty.”
How often are shooting and taking pictures either for business or for leisure?

“I’m always shooting. Even if it’s just with my phone I never stop. I honestly can’t.”
Is photography your only professional interest at this time or do you have more?  If so, what else have you indulged in?

“I do everything! I have so many interests and so many things in this world that leave me feeling fulfilled I can’t even begin to list them. I am a writer and I think this goes amazingly with my photography. I’m currently working on a book and I’m extremely excited about it. Very few people, until this article, know that I’m working on it, but it’s definitely in the works. I’m taking my time. I don’t have a deadline. I’m just letting everything happen naturally for this project. I was working on a photography book and I’ve actually put that project on hold because of what is happening with the writing project. I can’t wait for it!”
What are aims and professional goals for 2013?  Where do you plan on taking your photography and other professional aspirations?

“Every day that I pray I always include one thing. I will always ask to be better than I was the day before. There are so many things I want to accomplish in this life, but above all, the most important thing to me, is to be the best me.”

What is the most important lesson you have learned that you would want to share with others following their dreams and doing it on their own?

“Have an open heart, an open mind, and let love work through you. When you believe, and your passionate, you’re invincible.”

You can find and follow Bry at:


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