Starting Small Doesn’t Mean You’re Small

It’s not always about going big or going home if you don’t.

It’s not always about raising enough capital to launch, but starting with what you already have.

It’s not about how many followers you can gain, but rather the people who are already in your corner.

It’s not always about networking but building relationships.

It’s not about following the trends, but standing out from the crowd.

It’s not about having the big ideas, but making a big impact.

It’s not about being the next big CEO, but being the best of yourself.

Starting small doesn’t mean you’re small in influence, importance, or position.    It’s doesn’t mean you can’t move, shake, rock or roll your industry to your liking.  It doesn’t mean your voice is small or that your impressions are forgotten.  Yes, you may have to work a little harder, get a little more creative, and reach a little further, but the reward isn’t small. 

Don’t be afraid to start off small with your business dreams.  It doesn’t mean the dream is small, it just means you’ll have firmer grip for when your business takes flight.




3 thoughts on “Starting Small Doesn’t Mean You’re Small

  1. dongrgic says:

    Fantastic. You have summed it up beautifully. Simple and elegant.

    • Thank you very much. This was the product of a conversation I had with another small business owner as we discuss what it took to start our businesses and all we really needed to get there.

  2. […] our efforts are small because our desires are small.  But small efforts can lead to big impacts we could never imagined. […]

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