Be The First One Or Have A Lasting Impression

It’s not always important to be the first one.  It’s important to be the first one that comes to mind.

Think about some of the biggest social media platforms many of us use today.  Which would you say was the biggest social site that millions of people were using at any one time to share stuff with others and connect with friends?  MySpace.  Which social media site now boasts about having one billion users?  Facebook.  Who started first? MySpace.  And despite their IPO debacle, which site is still flourishing with visitors, postings and uploads?  Facebook.

So ask yourselves again, is it important to be first or the first one that comes to mind?

Many business experts say how necessary it is to create something original, have an idea that no one has done or tried before.  However, none of our ideas are as original as we think they are.  They are built on the foundation and ideas of others but are just construed to fit our own unique vision.  Take the smart phone.  What was it predecessor?  The cell phone.  And what came before that?  The cordless home landline.  And if we were to continue this time travel trip, the rotary phone and the operator (and now-a-days, an operator is one of the few live people we talk to after we get sick of the automated customer service).  We’ve gone from having to crank the numbers around with our fingers to simply tapping the screen to make a phone call.  That’s not including the thousands of available applications that keep us  connected to everything.

 Apply this same perspective to your individual ventures.  Now,don’t go out and take other people’s ideas (there is a little thing called copyright infringement).  But think about what it is that you could do better that will leave a lasting impression in your field.  Yes, MySpace is still around and so is Bebo and Hi5 (for those of you that remembered those social sites too).  But it’s Facebook that’s make the splashes and created a ripple effects.  Most of us, if not all of us, are in industries where someone or some company is producing the same product or offering the same service, whether they came first or we did.   It’s up to us to be the first one that comes to mind.


2 thoughts on “Be The First One Or Have A Lasting Impression

  1. eLLe says:

    What are your thoughts on the response Instagram uploaded to the ‘NEWS’ section about everyone’s reaction? I feel like they said whatever just to calm the chaos down. If they don’t get it together I will be over at I’ve had an account for over 6 months just haven’t used it. Maybe its about that time.

    • First and foremost, thank the power of social media for the outcry it created of Instagram’s terms of service. In what age could EVERYONE’s voice be heard so reverently? Second, this may be good news to all current Instagram users, however, I would definitely keep my eyes on them in their future as they do look for ways to advertise (but at who’s expense?). The only organizations that are not in the business of making money are charities. Instagram users may be able to breathe a little easier, but if they tried this once, they may try this again where the wording will successfully hides their agenda.

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