Holiday Greetings: Don’t Forget to Send Them to Clients, Too

In the midst of the holiday shuffle and shopping, gift-giving and re-gifting, we may find ourselves getting caught up in the holiday spirit of consumerism.  And between preparing for the next business year and hosting loved ones at our homes, we might forget to send a little holiday cheer to those that helped keep our business doors, whether real or virtual, open.  Yes, this is the most stressful time of the year for many, but it can present us with the best opportunity too: solidifying relationships and ushering them into the new year.

Season’s greetings cards are probably the simplest, sincerest and effective way to keep those relationships to and through the upcoming year.  But there are a few things to remember when sending out cards:

  • Careful with being too specific with holiday greeting such as ‘Merry Christmas’ because you never want to offend a client who doesn’t celebrate it (unless they’ve told you and you’re aware).
  • If you can manage the time, hand write short personal messages.  People love something meant just for them.  Doesn’t have to be elaborate, just appreciative.  If you’re lucky to have too many clients or not the time, you can buy holiday cards with greetings already printed inside.
  • Send your cards early in the month, no later than the second week in December.  People travel during the holidays and you want to make sure they receive it and remember you and your business.
  • If you decide to send holiday cards, make sure you have all the addresses beforehand.  If you need to ask, just explain to your clients you want to drop something in the mail for them.  It’s not a lie and it doesn’t ruin the surprise.
  • If you decide to make this a regular seasonal habit, then stay consistent. People will begin to look forward to hearing from you during the holidays and that’ll keep you in the forefront of their minds.

By all means, trim the tree, spin the dreidel, and baste the turkey.  But don’t forget the opportunities to connect, spread cheer and be remembered into the new year.


Happy Holidays this winter season!

Happy Holidays this winter season!



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