Entrepreneur Spotlight: RocStarr Dreams

Happy New Year to everyone.  Glad to know that many of us that made it to 2013.

And we’re RocStarr Dreamskicking off the entrepreneur spotlights with RocStarr Dreams (appropriately named for the brand new year)!

RocStarr Dreams is a full service company that assists artists, small business owners and entrepreneurs with viral marketing and promotions with accommodations to meet the needs of the client.  Creative mastermind and founder of RocStarr Dreams, Mercedes Jean-Louis, formed the concept while working as an executive assistant for several recording artists and business owners realizing, “that nothing in business can be achieved without a team. Teamwork makes the dream work’, so with that in mind [she] created this company to assist others in bringing their dreams to fruition.  [She’s] always had an entrepreneur mindset, so working for [herself] came naturally.”

Like so many people that want the freedom to be in charge of their lives in all aspects, there’s the work-life balance they must teeter.  As a single mother, or a “mom-preneur” if you will, Mercedes has had to make sacrifices in her life so that her daughter is well provided for and taken care of and that RoccStarr Dreams still operates as smoothly as possible.  Much of her support comes from her family and friends who continue to encourage her to pursue her aspirations.  But even with a tight support system, obstacles still arise and fear of uncertainty lingers.  “The hardest and most challenging thing about starting your own business is taking the leap of faith to step out on your own. It can be a very scary experience bearing the weight of starting and running a company. The failure or success fully depends on what you do or do not put into achieving your goal.”

RocStarr Dreams acquires their clients through referrals just like most businesses. Mercedes does a lot of networking and connecting as another means of finding clients.  RocStarr Dreams ideal clients are usually artists, small business owners, and entrepreneurs that need assistance structuring a plan to grow their brand.  Mercedes doesn’t focus on the money, she believes the money will come as long as she concentrates on providing her clients excellent customer service.  It’s all about attention to detail and being personable.   And it’s also about having vision.

RocStarr Dreams may center around aspiring recording artists and business owners, but the mission is always helping others.  In five to ten years down the road, Mercedes would like to see RocStarr Dreams providing a means to help the next generation develop a strong work ethic so they too can live out their dreams either working for themselves or as an integral part of an organization.   As a legacy for her daughter, she wants to provide her with the strength to follow her dreams as well.  And no matter what path her daughter may choose, she wants to instill within her an entrepreneurial mind-set and spirit.

“Follow your dreams! If you are going to go into business for yourself do what makes you happy, what your passionate about. Because when your happy doing what you love it won’t feel like work. Dream BIG Pray HARD and follow your bliss. It will lead you to your happiness.”

You can find and follow RocStarr Dreams at:


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