Simplest Lessons from 2012

  • Find like-minded people to associate yourself with.  Turn some of these people into your support team, people you can bounce ideas off of, share news, talk over issues and join forces with.
  • Start small.  You don’t need to do everything right away and you don’t need to overwhelm yourself.  Start and grow small.
  • Education is a great catalyst for accessing professional tools, but there are other ways to sharpen your skills in your field.  Discover what they are.  Seminars, workshops, events, community groups.
  • Try.  Self-doubt is normal. .Fear is normal.  But you’ll never know what could happen in your favor .
  • Taking a day or two for yourself and not working is OKAY.  It’s called resting.  Take time to rest.
  • Ignore the politics.  Taxes will always be there.  Regulations will always be present.  Focus on what you do and how well you can do it.
  • If you’re stubborn, embrace it.  If you’re competitive, embrace it.  If you’re uncomfortable, change something. If you’re frustrated, re-evaluate.
  • Step outside your comfort zone.  OFTEN.
  • Read whenever you can.  Get your hands on literature that’s going to help you stir up the creative juices.
  • Free is good.  Cheap is okay, but free is better.
  • Organize… EVERYTHING.  Receipts, documents, emails, folders, files, notes, thumb drives, supplies, anything that pertains to your business and success.
  • Reward yourself.  When you think you’ve worked for and/or earned it.
  • Networking is relationship building.  So work on the relationships you already before you throw yourself at new people.
  • Set challenges/ goals for yourself on a regular basis.  It helps you measure your success along the way.
  • Know your limits.  What are you willing to put up with, who are you not willing to work it, what working conditions are unacceptable.
  • Change it up. You may not have to start over, but you may need to make some changes.
  • Seek help and guidance when you need to.
  • Find yourself a mentor.
  • Mistakes happen, people will upset you, let it go.
  • It’s okay to say “no”.  Use it when you need to.
  • Patience sucks, but it’s necessary for the pieces out of your control to fall into place.
  • Believe.  Believe you can.  Believe you’ll be successful.  Believe in yourself and your business. Believe.

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