The One Hour Challenge

For all those Type-A Personalities, carry on.  Your sense of organization, time management and punctuality is applauded.  You have your act together (perhaps in an over-bearing, in-your-face kind of way) and you’ve probably found it manageable in starting and running your business.  For all other personalities types from B to Z, this is challenge for you.

Many people who’ve started their own businesses will tell that the most threatening aspect is taking that leap and committing to it.  Just about everyone loves the idea of calling the shots, being the head-hancho in charge and the accumulating money they desire.  Yeah.  And we all want it to happen just like that with little to no effort.  But it doesn’t.   Work is required.  But even if we can wrap our heads around the effort we’ll need to put in, and we have the ideas to get us started, some of us don’t start.

Is is the lack of money?  Not knowing who to connect with and how?  Deciding which business structure to establish?  How to market ourselves?  Where to find our market?  Who to sell to? Where to find clients?  How to still feed and clothed our families in the process?

One Hour Challenge

For a good number of us, it’s time.  It’s finding the time to take care of all the things that pester us about taking that first step.  We probably don’t have all the money we would like or don’t know all the people who could help us.  But, if we made a little time in our daily routines to tackle our business dreams, piece by piece, we’d find ourselves, more likely than not, living that dream.

One hour (or an hour and half for those a bit more ambitious).  Just one hour of your time per day would bring your dreams into fruition.  Write out a business outline, where do you want to start, where would you like to go with your business.  Make a list of the people you know who might be able to help you along the way.  Jump online and research what you’ll need to start your company, even who your competitors are.  One hour a day.  In one month, think about all the things you could have accomplished by carving out one hour of your time.

Where do we find this one hour?  Get up an hour earlier.  Go to bed one hour later. Watch one hour less of TV.  Stay off of Facebook for an hour.  This is where we’re going to have to get creative.  Maybe even make a sacrifice.  But the reward will be worth it.

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One thought on “The One Hour Challenge

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