The Best Kind Of Marketing

If you said word of mouth, you’re close.  You were so very close.

The best kind of marketing is cross-promotion.  Cross-promoting your business, product and/ or service with another non-competitive ( the key word here: non-competitive) company and product is the most ideal way to get and give exposure.  Not only are you helping your business by reaching a larger target market, but you’re helping another company too (who can return the favor).  Look at it as you’ve got something good going on and you’re doing something good with it.

Cross-promotion is neither too easy or too difficult.  It’s a matter of finding the right company or companies that will help give your business the exposure and reach it needs while adding your own contribution.  When cross-promoting with another business entity, consider the resources available.  Does every company have equal access to the resources and if not, how are they divided up?  Is this (or are they) a company/ organization you’re comfortable associating your business with?  Association brings about assimilation, right?  And if you find yourself creating an association with this other company by way of cross-promoting, do you see future opportunities of all the parties involved?  And if not, why not?

Associated.  An association.  Cross-promoting your business with another company doesn’t mean your business and their business have to be forever bound until death does your companies apart.  It’s more of a loose partnership in which your company, and maybe a few others, come together for the collective interest under an outlined agreement.  If all the owners involved happen to be friends or are a very close-knit of people, that doesn’t hurt either.  But definitely find ways to expand your company’s name  this year by joining forces with another.   Talk to the people in your network, reach out the organizations or clubs you belong to, or partner with an alumni association of yours.  There’s a reason why it’s been stated that there’s strength in numbers.


2 thoughts on “The Best Kind Of Marketing

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  2. Harry says:

    Absolutely true. Word of mouth is definitely low cost marketing tool, and so is cross promotion. You have to be careful about selecting the right partner, otherwise the bad association can hurt your business. I had written a post on various techniques small business owners can use for cross-promotion. Would love to hear your view on it. You can find the article here –

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