Your Customers Really Want Your Empathy

Poor Customer Service

Ever had to call up a customer service line?  It’s almost nightmare-ish. What’s the usual procedure:

  • Wait for the automated operator to inform you that their options have change,
  • Sift through 5-9 menu options that don’t apply to you or your concern
  • Hit 0 (a few times) to get a live person on the phone
  • Be placed on hold anywhere from a few minutes to the length of the show you were going to watch
  • Only to be told there’s nothing they can do for you -AND THEN-
  • Having to ask to speak to a manager to actually get some real help

It’s no wonder so many people become irate when calling up customer service.  It’s like jumping through rings of fire just to resolve a problem.  And many times we find that the person we’re speaking with on the other line is detached and robotic.  They receive so many complaints and angry calls that they become numb to customers’ disposition.  But that is so WRONG!  Nothing turns away a customers faster than a company whose customer service doesn’t show empathy.  Returns and complaints aren’t fun.  In fact, they can be costly for the business.  No one gets excited about having to ship out another product because the first one was defective or pay for the return shipping because the customer changed their mind.  But losing business is more costly.

No one wants to do business with a company who doesn’t care about their problem.  And no one wants to hear the policies about why their issue cannot be resolved (although that’s why policies are in place).  Customers want to know that the other person on the line gets their frustration and is not another faceless organization out to rake them over the coals for every dollar.  Show your customers empathy every time they call with a problem.  They’re human, you’re human.  They want to know that you get it. You get why they’re upset, you get why this is not working out for them, why they need a replacement, why they’ve changed their minds.  They want to know that you can relate just enough to their situation.  After all, business are customers too.

Empathy.  It is the easiest way to diffuse an angry customer, keep their business and show that your business is not just focused on a transaction.  It’s not hard at all.  The best way to put empathy into practice is to listen to the customer. What is their issue, why are they upset and what can you do about it that will appease them.  Empathy.  The best customer service practice.



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One thought on “Your Customers Really Want Your Empathy

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