Is Your Business Doing Too Much?

Doing Too Much

Is your business doing it all because you think it has to?

Are you offering everything except the kitchen sink?  

Who are you trying to keep up with, your competitors, your ideas, what’s expected of your business?

One-stop shops have carved out a hefty chunk of the market place and businesses (much bigger businesses) that are able to offer everything do so because they can (or, at least they say they can). They’re able to offer just about everything in one place because they have the employees and inventory to accommodate the demand.  Offering everything because you think it’ll get you more warm bodies through the door isn’t the best strategy.  Sticking to what your company does best and carving out your own niche in the market will better position you for success down the road.  Don’t do it all because you think you have to or because your competitor is.  You have something their business can’t offer: YOU.


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