Successful Businesses Focuses On Two Elements

Good businesses know there are two important elements that will guarantee their success: (1) People and (2) Improvement.  And that’s all business is.  Focusing on people and improving the quality of business.  It’s not always about growth (because growing too fast is a problem in itself and if your business is under prepared for growth, it will fail just as if there was no business at all).  Marketing, an advantageous tool, can proved to be a challenge to measure.  Although, word of mouth is the best marketing strategy (letting your customers/ clients speak for your business).  And even though having great investors backing your business will see that your launch is as successful as possible, you’re still faced with the business’ questionable longevity and having to answer to a ‘partner’.

Remembering to value people will always take your company further.  It doesn’t matter what industry or field you’re in, you selling something to somebody.  And if your selling to other businesses, those businesses have people running and operating it and they too are servicing people.  People come first because people are the business.  Value every person, whether it’s your customers, vendors and suppliers, your support team such as family and friends, your board members –whoever– people come first.  How well you treat them, keep them involved, will keep them loyal to your business.  Customers like businesses that are more personable.  Employees enjoy working for companies that respect them as individuals and value their contribution.  It’s about how people feel connected to your business.

Think improvement, not growth.   Everyone in business assumes growth is the only way to succeed.  If you do not grow you’ll die.  Your competitors will eat you up, spit you out and move on.  Not necessarily so.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with growth.  It’s a good thing, when your company is positioned to manage it.  But getting bigger or growing, means bigger obstacles, bigger challenges and bigger competition.  So rather than focusing on growing, focus on improving.  What can your business do better?  Is customer service lagging?  Is shipping too slow?  Does your website need updating? Focus on the elements in your business that needs improvement.  Growth will find you when the time is right.

Business.  It’s all a matter of striving for improvement, working in and on your business as well as remembering to value everyone in involved in your business.  From the customer to the employee to the supplier.  Success follows value.  Make your company valuable.




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